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Current Offerings

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Iceland - Hospitality / Residential Real Estate

We have identified an exciting opportunity in the adventure travel space! Based on our extensive research and local knowledge / experience we will be offering an investment opportunity in 2022 !

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South Philadelphia, PA

New Neighborhoods, New Families

Residential Real Estate: ROI 38%

Our longest held project to date, the South Philadelphia portfolio launched in 2007 just prior to the market recession. Although many real estate investors lost properties, we were able to successfully pivot and opt for a longer term “buy and hold” position. As a result, our private money investors were pleased with their double-digit ROI.

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Philadelphia MSA, Montgomery County 1

New Neighborhoods, New Families

Residential Real Estate: ROI 25.3%

Our unique understanding of niche markets coupled with extensive construction experience allowed us to tap work force neighborhoods at just the right time, with just the right strategy.

PDX Fund

Portland Tech Professionals

Residential Real Estate

Reg D,  506(c)

Target Raise: $7,500,000

Minimum Investment: $50,000

Preferred Return: 8% Annually

Additional Projected: IRR 12-16%

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 Texas - Senior Assisted Living

We are currently laying the groundwork for a large project, featuring houses used as assisted living homes for Senior Citizens. Demand for Senior Citizen housing continues to grow rapidly and we anticipate this arena will represent many opportunities now and in the future. 

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St. Lucia - Hospitality / Vacation Rentals

This beautiful caribbean island has long enjoyed a reputation for luxury and exclusivity. Our team has identified pockets of opportunity and will be offering this investment in 2022. In addition, this project will be dedicating a portion of its annual profits to support local schools located adjacent to our properties.

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Philadelphia MSA, Montgomery County 2

New Neighborhoods, New Families

Residential Real Estate: ROI 27.4%

Capitalizing on our earlier success, we leveraged our reputation for providing quality housing and acquired additional homes in this suburban market.


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