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Blue Skies

Investment Strategy

Our firm employs an entrepreneurial and boots-on-the-ground approach to identify and structure opportunities that are both attractive to our investors and viewed as welcome additions in the communities where they’re located. At the Red Hawk Property Group, we focus on the fundamentals to generate safe, consistent returns while capitalizing on unique niche opportunities. We are focused on acquiring and repositioning or redeveloping assets in prime locations which have the potential to generate much higher long-term cash flows than the assets are currently generating. We identify these opportunities by utilizing our proprietary research methods in addition to extensive demographic, cultural and emerging market analysis.


Our preferred deal size ranges between a total project investment of $750,000 to $15 million. This price range enables us to achieve important economies of scale while at the same time executing on our vision of building a portfolio of residential and mixed-use properties, which serve a previously unrealized investment niche.


In strategic partnership with trusted vendors, we also engage in land acquisition and new construction development of properties to satisfy a new or developing housing need. In select cases we also acquire and redevelop existing properties that can be transformed into unique, amenity-filled homes. We have recently expanded our focus to include international investment opportunities. True to our core investment thesis, we continue to apply our business model emphasizing safe, consistent returns while capitalizing on special circumstances which appear due to larger societal changes. It’s a model which has served us well, producing impressive yields over time. We hope you’ll join in and invest alongside us.

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